The last few years have been a rollercoaster. First, there was COVID-19 and travel was restricted. Then, just as COVID was abating, the war in Ukraine came and with it, much higher prices of energy and fuel. And winter is coming.

However, at the To Train Your Own Sustainapreneur project, we are entrepreneurs. We find a way to carry out our activities and always find solutions. So, the first exchange to Gimnazija Novo mesto – one year ago now – took place during the peak of the fall COVID wave. Still, teachers and students from Pärnu, Estonia, and Kilcoole, Ireland, boarded planes and flew to Slovenia. We had a great week of entrepreneurship activities and networking. Then, in March, all of us traveled to Pärnu and experienced genuine Estonian hospitality, ingenuity, and startup spirit. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and learned a lot, despite the fact that one of the teachers chose Pärnu of all places to get COVID. The tour around the Technopolis startup city in Tallinn was exceptional. Finally, the trip to Kilcoole, Ireland, capped the first three exchanges. The students enjoyed themselves immensely as they participated in the sustainable entrepreneurship projects and came home full of different happy memories.

Thus, we are slowly approaching the last exchange in this project, the final one in Slovenia. As Gimnazija Novo mesto is the lead partner in the project, it is befitting that we host the ultimate meeting. As always, we are doing our best to make the week as memorable as possible for our guests as well as our own students.

Janez Gorenc